Classification of insomnia/cheap weighted blanket

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cheap weighted blanket

According to the length of insomnia

1.Occasional insomnia. cheap weighted blanket sale.The reason for insomnia may be that drinking a cup of tea before going to bed, changing the bed and not getting used to it, the noise of neighbors quarreling at night, listening to some songs is very exciting, going to the exam, interviewing, etc. These are normal, everyone will encounter, as long as no interference, normal work, sleep will naturally recover.

2.Acute insomnia caused by stress events in life lasts longer.For example, lost love, bad exams, interview failures, and so on. Mageblanket weighted blanket for sleep.Acute insomnia may last for a long time and is normal. Generally, stress is over and sleep is restored.

3. Chronic insomnia. Insomnia lasted for more than three months, and thought that it had a huge impact on life, work and study, was very worried and anxious about insomnia, and eager to solve the problem of insomnia.

Classified according to the type of insomnia

1.Primary insomnia.The vast majority of insomnia is primary, and primary insomnia refers to isolation, insomnia that is not attached to other diseases or drugs. Stress events in life lead to acute insomnia, and people who have misconceptions about insomnia may become chronic insomnia. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBTI) combined with Morita therapy has a good effect on primary insomnia, and insomnia can heal.

2.Secondary insomnia.Is a disease or drug-induced insomnia.

Cause of insomnia

  1. People have a lot of misunderstandings about sleep. It is these cognitive perceptions that lead to cheap weighted blanket for anxiety and panic about insomnia. These misconceptions are social and personal.
  2. Stress events cause insomnia, and under the influence of false sleep cognition, strong anxiety and panic are formed, and these emotions increase the difficulty of falling asleep and form a closed loop.
  3. After insomnia, the discomfort and low mood caused by insomnia are too focused, which will affect the life and work during the day to a certain extent, which will increase the anxiety of insomnia. As time goes by, under the influence of false cognition, away from normal life, the anxiety of insomnia will be more intense.
  4. In response to the anxiety caused by insomnia, most people naturally have two kinds of reactions. The first is to solve the factors that affect sleep and to work hard to fall asleep. The second is to avoid anxiety itself. These two reactions are the root cause of insomnia maintenance.

Insomnia resolution-buy weighted blanket

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buy weighted blanket

The correct way to understand insomnia, the first thing to do is to correct the wrong knowledge and reduce the anxiety and fear of insomnia.Secondly, we must realize that sleep is not controlled by the will. What we can do is to satisfy the conditions of falling asleep, instead of forcing ourselves to fall asleep, and we need to have realistic expectations for sleep.

The weighted blanket sleep study found that weighted blankets can help those who have insomnia sleep better simply because it helps them feel more stable before going to bed. … In general, we found that when participants use inexpensive weighted blanket, their sleep will be more calm.

How to choose a weighted blanket for insomnia?

1.Soft or breathable material is important

Can help you relax.

2.Reliable place to buy

where to buy weighted blanket?Macys (weighted blanket),Walmart (weighted blanket) ,Amazon (weighted blanket)…..It is safer to know that the listed suppliers usually complete orders reliably and quickly.

3.Filler type

Choosing a blanket with a good filler is key.Glass beads are currently the best choice for weighting blankets because of their durability.


Cost less than $100, consider durability and service life, and be sure to double-check its materials.